Best hotels in Rohtak are within your reach now

img4Gone are the days when the best hotels in Rohtak were too costly. Now they have reduced their room tariff. So before booking a budget hotel, enquire whether the basic minimum facilities given below are fulfilled or not.

24 hour electricity back-up- Considering the erratic power supply in Indian cities, it is always better to ask the hotel reception about 24 hour power back-up before finalizing your stay. Many a times, hoteliers do not disclose that the A.Cs do not work in summers during electricity failure. As a result, the visitors find it quite difficult to sleep at night with power cuts in summers.

Laundry and News papers- Most of us are fond of reading news papers with bed tea. But if your hotel does not provide news paper in your room, it may spoil your day. Similarly laundry services are also equally important. Even some of the best hotels in Rohtak lack in laundry service.

Security arrangements- Nowadays, most hotels have security guards at their entrance. People having longer stay may be carrying valuables with them and security arrangements matter a lot. If the hotel provides you an electronic safe in your room, you should not tell the password to anyone. In case you are carrying cash with you, you must keep it under lock and enquire about the security arrangements like CCTV cameras, theft alarm and fire alarm before paying the advance.

Quality of services- Hospitality industry relies heavily on kitchen and housekeeping services. Issues like shortage of staff and lack of alternative arrangements can be a big headache. So always enquire the receptionist before making booking even in the best hotels in Rohtak.

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